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The PREMIO concept is new, unique and science-based. PREMIO was born of the desire to enable people to access the world’s absolute top science-based preparations (new generation of top supplements), to buy them conveniently and safely, and to help popularise the cutting-edge science involved in the development of our innovative preparations.

PREMIO is based on three crucial pillars:

ensures the scientific credibility of our innovative new generation preparations

effects proven by various scientific and clinical studies (which are also published in international scientific publications) carried out with this specific preparation

The products in the PREMIO portfolio are original, i.e. the active substance is not mixed with other substances to form any complexes (there are no published clinical studies on the complexes, additives interfere with the effect of the proven active substance, there are possible problems of safety, etc.), awards from international competitions

PREMIO’s unique and science-driven product portfolio includes innovative world-leading preparations (new generation of top supplements). What distinguishes them from the vast array of supplement products is that only the top-quality preparations meet all the following scientific-clinical requirements:

  • the innovative patented technologies of research-manufacturers ensure, compared to others, the best stability of the active ingredient and the particles with the most suitable dimensions and properties for absorption (e.g. the word “liposomal” is a meaningless sales slogan if there is no information about about which patented technology it was created with and by which methods the output obtained was also proven, etc.)
  • the proven scientific basis of this preparation:

    1. absorption studies of this preparation published in international scientific journals.
    2. studies published in international scientific journals on the efficacy and safety of the use of this preparation.
    3. clinical trials of this preparation published in international scientific journals.
    4. awards for the innovative technology and/or the product/product from strong international competitions.
  • Note! We source the active ingredients of our products directly from top internationally validated scientific manufacturers. We do not buy anything from wholesalers. The manufacturers must provide us with authentic certificates and any other type of scientific information we request as well as answer any additional questions about the product. So: PREMIO doesn’t buy anything from wholesalers, everything goes through a systemic expertise, the manufacturer must be able to answer to our additional science-based questions.
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To ensure all of the above, PREMIO started working with

world-leading biotech companies such as Pharmako Biotechnologies, Chromadex and others, whose teams include Nobel Prize winners chemists scientists Roger Kornberg and Sir John Walker. For decades, our international partners have contributed to and committed themselves to various research areas fromsupporting healthy ageing to improving the absorption and bioavailability of substances.

The range of products in the PREMIO portfolio is managed by

an independent and internationally competent Scientific Committee, led by nationally recognised science populariser, highly respected medical scientist and Professor of Medical Biochemistry Mihkel Zilmer. All PREMIO’s products are based on our three pillars and have been approved by the scientific committee based on a thorough analysis. We source the innovative components used in our products directly from manufacturers/patent holders, we do not use intermediaries. In Estonia, we cooperate with the University of Tartu’s Department of Medical Sciences.


Mihkel Zilmer

Professor of Medical Biochemistry, Medical Scientist

Estonian Research Information System

Jaan Eha

Academician, Professor of Cardiology


Be sure to check out our top preparations if you would like to:


  • support physical and mental fitness;

  • alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases;

  • support the body’s metabolic, anti-inflammatory and immunological capacity;

  • promote recovery from illness (including COVID)/ operation;

  • compensate for some nutrient deficiencies;

  • prevent premature ageing;


May there be as many healthy lived years as possible!